Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snowmaking Coming Soon!

Every season Loveland Ski Area starts making snow as soon as temperatures reach consistent lows, typically in late September. Snowmaking has several great benefits for our skiers and riders. First, we are able to open in Mid to Late October, making Loveland Ski Area consistently one of the first ski areas in the country to open. Second, you don’t have to bother with using your “old stuff” for our early season. Loveland opens with a minimum base of 18 inches and side-to-side, top to bottom coverage on our 1,000 vertical foot opening day run; those opening day adages didn’t start here! Last but certainly not least, Loveland’s 160 acres of snowmaking provides a solid base and something cold to stick to when the first of our 400 inches of natural snow begins to fall – no powdery snowflake is wasted at Loveland.

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